It is challenging not only for you as parents but also for your kid when they struggle with anger. Maybe your child grows frustrated by the drop of a pin. They blow up over minor events, yell, may even become aggressive.

Children keep their emotions on their sleeves. They laugh, they cry, they rage, all of it for the world to witness. This honesty and purity of emotions should be fostered by all parents. However, it is essential to guide them when these emotions grow so strong that it hinders your child’s functioning and interfere with their relationship and quality of life. 

Dr. Anirban Gozi, the best anger management therapist in North Kolkata, lists five essential skills to control anger, which you should teach your child.

What you can do to Address Anger in Kids

  1. Teach them about feelings – The main reason your child is lashing out is their inability to verbalize and communicate what they are feeling. Help your child label emotions and feelings. Start with the basics – angry, sad, or happy. Then move on to more sophisticated labels like frustration, disappointment, worries, etc. When you witness your child getting angry, say, “It looks like you are feeling angry right now.” It will allow them come to terms with their emotions.
  2. Draw an anger thermometer – Draw an anger thermometer on a piece of paper and teach your child what biological and psychological changes they are likely to go through at each stage of anger. For example, when your child is at level 2 in the anger thermometer, their face gets hot or they make a fist.
  3. Design a calm-down plan – Teach your child what to do when they feel angry. Encourage them to draw and color, or read a book, or engage in any other calming activity until they calm down.
  4. Teach them anger management skills – Teach anger management skills like taking deep breaths, looking down on the ground and counting one to ten, going for a walk or maybe singing. Whatever suits you and your child. Teach them to control their impulse and garner self-discipline, says Dr. Anirban Gozi, the best anger therapist in Newtown.
  5. Do not encourage tantrums – If your child blows up and throws a tantrum and you give them what they want to keep them quiet, it teaches them that tantrums are effective. Do not give them what they want, just to avoid a meltdown. The method might be effective in the short term. However, in the long run, it will only make behavior problems and aggression worse. If they show aggression, taking away privileges can be an effective discipline strategy. If your child breaks something while in a temper, make them help you repair it.


Your child does not enjoy feeling angry. Helping your child learn appropriate skills to manage anger and other negative emotions will positively impact their life. If you’re struggling with dealing with your child’s anger, consult Dr. Anirban Gozi, the best anger counselor in Rajarhat.