Anger Management

Anger is a type of human emotion that comes from grievance or bitterness towards something or someone. But managing this anger is very important to lead a peaceful life. Well-controlled anger gives you a way to stay apart from negative feelings. This also motivates you to find a solution to your problem and not create a scene out of it. Anger therapy teaches you how to calm yourself down when the elements of anger trigger you. Anger management does not mean that you need to hold your anger back within you. Anger management counselling helps you express anger appropriately and without harming anyone or anything. Dr. Anirban Gozi is considered one of the best psychiatrist in Salt lake, North Kolkata who help patients control their anger and lead a peaceful life.


  • Constant frustration is one of the most common symptoms of anger. When you cannot manage your anger, you start breaking things or throwing them; you may also punch objects. This condition keeps you irritated all the time. As a result, even the smallest issues compel you to have a major fight.
  • Physical violence is also a sign that indicates that you need to work on your anger management. Violence becomes a reaction over any trivial issue, and this makes you engage in major fights that are completely avoidable.
  • To control this anger, people usually start consuming alcohol. Initially, this may appear like the easiest way to avoid elements that trigger your ruthless anger, but later it affects your health, and it may also make you an alcoholic.
  • Too much anger and aggression have an adverse effect on your blood pressure level. You may become a patient of hypertension. This may also lead to issues related to the heart.
  • You may also have back pain or other muscle pains that can affect your nervous system.

If you observe any of these symptoms, take help from the best psychiatrist named Dr. Anirban Gozi for Anger Mangement in North Kolkata.