Somatoform Disorder Treatment

Somatoform disorder is a clinical condition causing bodily symptoms that includes pain in different parts of the body. The patient focuses on physical symptoms a lot, and as a result, major emotional distress occurs. There may be no trace of any serious health condition associated with those symptoms, but the patient will not normally react to those symptoms. But this results in mental illness, and the patient goes through disproportionate levels of distress. The patient might also ask for medical help or an explanation frequently. Consult with the experienced Somatoform Disorder therapsit in North kolkata for effective treatment.

The Somatic symptoms may include:

  • Neurological problems
  • Sexual issues
  • Pain in parts of your body but without a physical cause
  • Gastrointestinal complications

Anxiety disorder is also one of the most significant symptoms of somatization disorder, says a Psychiatrist named Dr. Anirban Gozi.

SSD (Somatic symptom disorder) patients DO NOT FAKE their symptoms. Their distress and sufferings are real, but as there is no sign of physical symptoms, they are not taken seriously. This delays the treatment and causes a severe mental issue. So, before it is late, visit Dr. Anirban Gozi and get your somatoform disorder treatment in North Kolkata done right.