Family therapy

Family counselling or family therapy focuses on every type of family – nuclear family, stepfamily, extended family. This helps tackle tough unresolved issues related to the family. Family therapists focus on solving family members’ issues and trying to create a better functioning environment. Family therapy helps resolve divorce, children’s issues, grief, mental issues like depression, financial issues, chronic illness, substance abuse, regular conflicts, etc. Dr. Anirban Gozi is considered one of the best specialists in providing family counselling in Kolkata.

Why do you need it?

  • Conflicts between family members sometimes lead to domestic violence. Constant abuse also hampers mental peace. Family therapy helps you deal with all these in a better way so that peace prevails in your family.
  • Behavioral issues also make family matters worse. Aggression plays a big role in worsening family situations. Blaming each other doesn’t help always. Family therapists help you have hold of it, so the environment stays cool in the family.
  • Mental health concerns are mostly seen in older adults in a family. This needs to be channelized else; this may lead to serious health issues like hyper-depression, blood pressure, etc.
  • Separation or divorce may occur at any point of time in a complicated marriage. Family counselling in North Kolkata helps both the husband and wife analyze and rethink their relationship before ending it. In most cases, couples reunite after going for counselling, says Dr. Anirban Gozi.
  • Financial issues create constant fights and become a barrier in the path of family stability. Family therapists give you chances to talk it out and helps you get ideas to solve it.

Relationship problems:

Relationship counselling helps couples cope with the situation and resolve their problems. Counselling provides solutions and guidance about what to do to make the relationship work. Dr. Anirban Gozi listens to all that couples have to say and accordingly guides how to deal with the situation. Problematic relationship hampers both mental and physical health. Marriage Counselling helps couples adopt ways of making thoughtful as well as positive decisions about each other.

  • Constant fights
  • Lack of interest
  • Difference in opinions
  • Physical illness
  • Busy schedule
  • Difficulty in expressing feelings

All these hamper a good relationship. When talking to each other does not work, it’s better to go for marriage counselling in Kolkata and revive the relationship.

Sexual problems:

Both mental health and sexual life are interlinked. Sexual problems affect mental health as the marital relationship between a couple gets hampered. A mental condition may also affect sexual life. This needs psychiatric help as, in most cases, counselling helps couples deal with the situation and proceed for further treatments. Dr. Anirban Gozi will create a comfort zone for you through his words to discuss your sexual issues with him easily and the consequences that you are facing due to the same. The therapist will provide you with counseling sessions so that your mental health gets better and you can work on your sexual life. As a result, you will lead a better and happier life.