Dr. Anirban Gozi โ€“ Expert psychiatrist doctor in Kolkata.

Dr. Anirban Gozi is the proud alumni of two premier institutions of India named National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences / NIMHANS, Bangalore, and Central Institute of Psychiatry / CIP, Ranchi. The Psychiatrist doctor holds an academic career graph that any contemporary psychiatrist in India dreams of. He is well-known for his knowledge and dedication, devotion, passion for work. He has always been in the good books of his patients, colleagues, and seniors for his gentle nature, being outstanding, empathetic communication skills, care, and concern. He has spread his hands of care in India and the neighbouring countries. He has worked at the OPDs and in-doors of topmost institutes, under the guidance of the best teachers. As a result, he is well equipped and skilled with prodigious experience to deal with almost every mental, behavioral and emotional issue. The best Psychiatrist doctor in Kolkata deals with patients of every age group and helps patients overcome their conditions to lead happy and healthy lives. He is working hard, hoping that his modesty and interest to gain more knowledge would make him reach the pinnacle of excellence soon.

dr anirban  gozi

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Somatoform Disorder

Family Therapy

Anxiety Counselling


Self-image issues and Eating Disorders

Sleep Problems


Anger Management

Epilepsy and Dissociative Disorders

Schizophrenia and Psychosis Treatment

Phobic Disorder

Child Counselling

Depression Counselling

Dementia and associated behavioral problems

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