Feel free to share your problems with me. I promise to provide a comfort zone where you can speak your mind without hesitation.


After listening to your problems, I will guide you with one or more solutions accordingly. I will motivate you to lead a problem-free life.


After a few interactions, you will observe changes in your behaviour and brain – mental health.

dr anirban  gozi

Dr. Anirban Gozi

MD in Psychiatry, (NIMHANS), Bangalore
Diploma in Psychological Medicine, [DPM], CIP, Ranchi
MBBS. N.R.S Medical College, Kolkata.


I’m Dr. Anirban Gozi – Expert psychiatrist from North Kolkata.

A complete guidance to lead a healthy and happy life.

Dr. Anirban Gozi is the proud alumni of two premier institutions of India named National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences / NIMHANS, Bangalore, and Central Institute of Psychiatry / CIP, Ranchi. The doctor holds an academic career graph that any contemporary psychiatrist in India dreams of. He is well-known for his knowledge and dedication, devotion, passion for work. He has always been in the good books of his patients, colleagues, and seniors for his gentle nature, being outstanding, empathetic communication skills, care, and concern. He has spread his hands of care in India and the neighbouring countries.

I can help you overcome the obstacles in your life.

I am there to help you.

Share your problems with me, be it emotional, mental, or behavioral.

Treatment for Anxiety & Depression
Anger Management
Guidance for Children and Adolescents
Addiction Treatment

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Treatments you get

I am there to listen to whatever you have to say. Don’t hesitate; your problem remains a secret.

Somatoform Disorder

Family Therapy

Anxiety Counselling


Dementia and associated behavioral problems

Sleep Problems


Anger Management

Epilepsy and Dissociative Disorders

Schizophrenia and Psychosis Treatment

Phobic Disorder

Child Counselling

Depression Counselling

Self-image issues and Eating Disorders

dr anirban  gozi


Take your first step towards wellness. Leave the rest on me.

Mental, emotional, and behavioral issues are nothing to be ashamed of. At times, our mind works in a different way than expected. Just a few sittings with me, and you are back to normal. Your secrets remain safe with me. So, don’t hesitate and share what you feel.


Tell me frankly about the things that are bothering you. Don’t worry; I will not judge you. I am there to hear you patiently.



Check for slots and book according to your convenience.


Be honest and share your thoughts. I will guide you to lead a better life. Try to follow the things that I suggest and take medicines if I provide any.

Reviews & Feedback

Akash Agarwal
Akash Agarwal
santosh ojha
santosh ojha
Thank you😊😊😊 sir my mother is ok
Sudipta Laha
Sudipta Laha
Niraj Maharaj
Niraj Maharaj
Soumyadeep Koley
Soumyadeep Koley
sanjay agarwal
sanjay agarwal
Sukanya Nandy
Sukanya Nandy
dakter babu khub valo 26th dec,2019 eve time 7.00 pm uni asechilen amr maa ke dekhte onek khon dhore uni dekhechen kotha boleche6n n previous prescriptions observe korechen.....then medicines and some blood tests and MRI korete suggest korechen and all medicines which he prescribed yesterday, response thank you Dr.Gozi and his assistant also for help
Chayan Mukherjee
Chayan Mukherjee
Partha Sarathi Sarkar
Partha Sarathi Sarkar
dr anirban  gozi

I will guide you and help you overcome your shortcomings and lead a better life.

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A focus towards less postoperative discomfort and pain, with faster recovery

Brainpower Clinic, Serampore.

Mon, Wed, Fri – 7pm

Sun – 9:30 am

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Wed – 11am

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