There are many people we come across in life who are associated with substance abuse and the dependency reaches such an extent that it becomes difficult for them to live without it. If you have incorporated any type of dependency on drugs, liquor or any medicine, it’s high time you connect with Dr. Anirban Gozi, the best psychiatrist who provides the proper treatment that involves little medication and sessions of counselling. Here, in this blog, the psychiatrist has vastly explained different types of addiction.

Types of addiction

  • Drug addiction- Drug addiction is grasping our society day by day. Young adults are also getting indulged into drugs more and more. At first, people use drugs such as cannabis or cocaine for having fun. But later on the drugs create such a dependency that it engulfs a huge part of their life. People even use medication as drugs. Drug addiction changes one’s personality and also the scenario of his/ her family. Drug abuse also involves legal issues at time which affects both personal and professional life. Dr. Anirban Gozi, the best psychiatrist for de addiction is one phone call away to provide you the right treatment and make your life a worth living one. 
  • Alcohol addiction- Many people have an affinity with liquor or alcohol and they consume alcohol occasionally for enjoyment purpose. From this starts the dependency on alcohol. People addicted to alcohol can go till any extent to arrange money for buying, no matter how poor they are. Researchers have found out that there are many factors that indulge one to become an alcoholic, those are as follows: race, sex, heredity, background, economic situation etc. But this problem can be solved, you just need to consult a top de addiction Specialist and take help. 
  • Betting addiction- Many people indulge themselves into betting for a ‘major win’ initially, but later on it becomes an addiction as they start expecting that they will win each time. Failure brings frustration and anxiety. This might sound to be a mere issue but it isn’t. One must connect with a psychiatrist to come out of this addiction.
  • Gaming addiction- The young generation spend the maximum time of their day in a virtual world. They do not go out to play with friends anymore. Just a mobile phone or a laptop does the work for them. Gaming becomes such an addiction that they do not feel comfortable socializing with friends and family. This is a serious issue that seeks intervention of doctors.


Dr. Anirban Gozi, the best psychiatrist is famous for his de-addiction therapy. He has treated many patients and with his counselling he has made the patients lead their normal life again. You can get in touch with him both virtually and in person. So, if you have any issue regarding any addiction, contact the de addiction specialist in Kolkata now.