Anger is one of our primitive emotions and an integral part of our innate survival mechanism that triggers our body’s flight or fight response. We have all experienced feelings of anger at some point in our lives and usually, the emotion is not a cause of concern. However, when a person fails to control and express their anger in a civilized manner, it can negatively impact their lives. 

Tips to Control Anger in A Minute

Here are some tips from Dr. Anirban Gozi, an anger management therapist in North Kolkata, to control your anger in a minute –

Practice Relaxation Techniques

Physical symptoms of anger include increased blood pressure, heart rate, and energy. Deep breathing and guided imagery techniques can reduce anger, especially in the heat of the moment. For instance, it is common for people to find themselves caught up in road rage. In such cases, a person should recognize the signs of their anger build-up and use the aforementioned techniques. 

Utilize Cognitive Restructuring

Anger can make a person bypass their moral, ethical and intellectual filters and stimulate them to respond to a trigger with exaggerated language such as cursing or over-generalizing. According to Dr. Gozi, an anger therapist in Newtown, it’s important to note that responding to anger in this way will not fix the problem.

For instance, if someone is experiencing a bad day, they may think, “Nothing ever works out, nothing ever goes my way, I should just go home and shut myself.” Instead of indulging in such exaggerated thoughts, a person should rationalize their thinking. This is known as cognitive restructuring and it significantly reduces the build-up of anger. Upon feeling the pangs of rage, a person should practice saying something like, “This is a frustrating situation and it’s okay that I’m feeling angry about it; however, I have the rest of the day to look forward to and turn things around.” Cognitive restructuring does not happen overnight and takes a lot of practice. 

Practice Communication Strategies

When people feel angry, communication may suffer, making it difficult for them to relay their point across, says the anger management counsellor in North Kolkata. Under such circumstances, it is common for people to jump to conclusions, raise the tone of voice, or compulsively defend themselves instead of listening to others.

Instead, they should slow down, take a step back, and stop responding immediately. Slowing down helps people to express their feelings and ideas clearly. This is another activity that takes a lot of practice; however, it can work wonders in reducing anger.
If you often get angry at trivialities and fail to control your anger, consider anger counselling in Rajarhat. Dr. Anirban Gozi can help you understand the cause of your issues and empower you with skills to control your anger.